Beauty and the sleep.

Getting out of bed on the wrong side? Well I have to break it to you, a sleepless night means there is no turning back. Once the alarm goes off you have to get up and go, seize the day but how can you seize something when youre already exhausted?

Deep sleep is essential the kind that allows your body to go into that state of healing and recovery from the stresses of the day and for this to happen your brain waves need to drop into a low delta frequency and you wake up feeling invincible. It should be simple right?

What if I was to tell you in order to win the day it begins starts the night before. FOR A BLISSFUL NIGHTS SLEEP It’s all in the prep! Sleep hygiene involves switching off your devices, mobile phones, tablets, TV’s and computers and removing them from the bedroom. Blue light caused by the screens upsets your sleep rhythm and stops the production of melatonin the sleep hormone and causes vision loss. Try blue light glasses to help combat this when working on screens I can’t work without them.

Here are my essential sleep habits:

  1. A night time drink This is my recipe; soak a cinnamon stick in a cupful of milk, I prefer almond milk. Take a pinch of fenugreek seeds these combat inflammation which is great for muscle soreness after a workout or stressful day, a pick of valerian root a herb that promotes calmness and a pinch of Ashwagandha Powder which supports a healthy nervous system. Heat the milk over a stove and strain off the seeds, enjoy your spicy nighttime latte.

  2. Clean off the day. Good skin care habits for a youthful complexion means no going to sleep in make up or with the stress of the day on your face. I use this amazing facemask 2 to 3 times a week from Nature Spell which is incredible pink clay and rose, pure heaven followed by a rosewater toner and a Vitamin C & Retinol serum from Eva Naturals check out this top value bundle and a simple skin balancing multibiotic moisturiser

  3. A soothing head massage Now is the time to be a total bed head and look after your tresses after all that heat styling. The benefits of Rosemary oil, known to promote hair growth so you can unwind I turn to my favourite brand Nature spell and I massage this into my roots I also use Eva Naturals castor oil on my lashes and brows

  4. Restful eyes You want to wake up bright eyes and bushy tailed? Here is how you do it by taking care of your eyes from the stresses of the day and here is my ultimate hack place these collagen under eye patches underneath your sleep mask and they’ll stay in place. For the heathiest eyes my go to sleep mask contains flaxseed and lavender which you heat up in the microwave and this soothes the tear ducts which care for your eyes in the daytime, perfect peepers.

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