Sustainability: Making it work as a regionally based actor.

There’s no easy way of saying this 2020 was the year we revaluated. Whilst I couldn’t predict a pandemic my decision as a London born actor to relocate more regionally to the South West was one with a plan. I had some fool-proof reasons but I could not predict a complete industry closure due to the pandemic. I predicted streaming such as Netflix would happen after the success with iTunes and Spotify in the music industry. Living out of London is more economical on the budget and I soon became part of a new network of actors, theatremakers and filmmakers and I enjoy a less stressful and cleaner environment.

I find I have time to concentrate on my writing and there are many projects I am developing A One Woman Play The Wrong Colour Blue and short film The Visitant because I realised the value of casting myself at my best, continuing to work as an actor and not be sidetracked by Plan B aka the day job and going all in whilst creating opportunities for members of our community, an unexpected bonus emerged that is I became more sustainable. Community is so important to the rollercoaster life we know all too well for an actor and it is the tribe culture that has the best mental health benefits. Plus taking responsibility for my work fills me with certainty everyday that I can have more control over my career and not being solely reliant on that life changing phone call, I still take a fast train to London and rely on casting directors who cast regionally. Thanks to technology, self-tape and zoom plus social media running a business is simpler and more effective and the additions to my skill set involve more technical knowledge, another industry that continues to move very quickly. At this time certainty is something you have to build for yourself and whilst I also rely on grants and patrons for my independent filmmaking projects what feels like a climb isn’t this continued waiting for someone to pass me the ladder, I am now building the staircase to success.