The Golden Age of Acting as a Feminist

We’re actors so we love a good story, especially actor success stories. So when I recently came across the story of Ann Dowd who got her big break at 56 according too top blog the Acting Magazine I began to reflect with that feeling of warmth and positivity that perseverance and knowing yourself, coupled with the opportunities you create and a great sense of timing, when stuff doesn’t get in the way of your acting career, is what preceeds a career breakthrough. Tenacity and resilience are great life skills to develop but if there is one thing I’ve learnt as an actor its that undeniable belief in yourself and your mission will take you everywhere you need to go to make it in the acting industry. Yet as I specifically champion the cause of women in this industry the rise of feminism coincides with Woman in Film which began in the seventies, ladies take a moment we have come a long way. The opportunity to have an extensive career with longevity for women and actors identifying as female is beginning to reach its own Golden Age. Yes thanks to modern nutrition and science and technology we age more slowly and a lot more gracefully but its not just that women everywhere are smashing it, the ability to have a voice as a writer, director and actor means that now is the moment and today its more than ever, where once we were but a nom-de-plume, if the Bronte sisters hadn’t been pioneering writers of fiction! Fast forward to today where the new triple threats are Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Michaela Coel walking away with all the awards you could possibly think of and such an incredible and outstanding achievements.

You’ve got to love those humble beginnings the first poem you wrote, the email to that casting director or agent you sent, that song you learnt could soon become a workshop or small play. More than ever I trust the process and I am meeting so many wonderful creative people along the way, learning about the industry, relationships, mentoring and having to much fun with my career to ever start questioning is there anywhere else Id rather be than working it out as I go along with mentors to look up to and aspire too, keep blazing that trail ladies I think we could all start setting our sights on the moon because nowadays landing on the stars we’re in distinguished company.